WY GOP Applauds GOV. For Refraining from issuing Stay-at-Home Order

The Wyoming Republican Party applauds, you, Governor Gordon for refraining from issuing a stay-at-home order, which is essential locally enforced martial law, in Wyoming. By our very nature and geography Wyoming is a social distancing state. Further governmental intrusion on the private sector and individual freedom would put Wyoming in a more vulnerable position than has already been achieved. 

Wyomingites are full of grit, ingenuity and self reliance. As Republicans we understand that economic prosperity is inseparable from individual freedom. Keeping in mind general precautions to avoid contracting COVID-19 our state can be an example across the nation of a free-thinking  people espousing personal responsibility and overcoming challenges. We applaud Wyoming Citizens who are cooperating with the Governor’s orders and in many cases voluntarily staying home.The Wyoming Republican Party will continue to engage in the discussion about COVID 19 and work to ensure all Citizens emerge from this crisis with Constitutional rights fully intact. 

CARES Act Signing

President Trump's efforts to combat coronavirus continue to be unprecedented, with his leadership uniting Americans across the country while supplying aid to those who need it the most in these trying times. Today's CARES Act signing by the president not only lifts up the country but also shows that under Republican direction, American families, workers, and businesses are always put first.


Letter from the Chairman - State Convention

Dear Wyoming Republicans,

I hope this letter finds each and every one of you safe and healthy.

It’s time to get the word out that the Wyoming Republican Party has been creating contingency plans to deal with all the changes related to the COVID-19 virus and related concerns. Much like our counterparts in the Republican National Committee, the executive team of your state party has been demo’ing options and making plans to continue the business of the party while remaining in offices and homes in small numbers.

So far two county conventions have successfully taken place using virtual meeting technology.

The Wyoming Republican Party Communications Director (Trinity Lewis) has conducted a number of trainings for these online meetings and dozens have participated to learn the new and temporary protocols. Please contact your respective county Chairman to ensure your participation either as county convention delegate or guest.

Currently, two plans are in place to hold the Wyoming Republican Party state convention May 7-9 2020. Most of you are aware of the original plans released by both press conference and website. In addition, a contingency plan has been formed which includes a virtual meeting with the ability to conduct some or all of the agenda business May 9 only, while evaluating a future date for finishing convention business face-to-face.

We all know the situation is fluid and ask for your diligence and patience.

Meanwhile the leadership team at the RNC, Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and Co-Chair Tommy Hicks, are working tirelessly with President Trump to keep our party and nation on track as well as our national convention this August. During a phone call today with Co-Chair Hicks, he related that President Trump knows exactly what is going on in this country and the President will continue to do everything he can. Please see included link regarding an update for the Republican national convention in Charlotte, North Carolina this summer.

May we all take advantage of this renewed time with our families and opportunity to focus on our timeless Republican values and priorities.

God Bless Wyoming,


W Frank Eathorne
Chairman, Wyoming Republican Party

Summer Internship Opportunities

The Committee on Arrangements for the 2020 Republican National Convention (COA) is looking for talented undergraduate students, law students, and military to serve as summer interns at our office in Charlotte, NC.

Internships are available within each of our departments:


"I'm a Republican because..." by Joe

In our new video series "I am a Republican because..." Republicans from across the state share their "why". Please join the conversation!


Suggest a Delegate to the Republican National Convention

The Wyoming Republican Party is seeking registered Wyoming Republicans who would like to attend the Republican National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, August 24-28th as either a voting delegate or an alternate delegate.


RNC Statement on Super Tuesday

“While the Democrat Party continues to splinter over which far-Left, socialist candidate they can stomach, Republicans are more united than ever behind President Trump," said Chairwoman McDaniel. "Just tonight, our party saw historic turnout numbers in several battleground states. President Trump’s record of results has fueled the momentum for our movement. We are expanding our unprecedented data-driven ground operation into 23 states and engaging with an ever growing base of supporters. Not a single Democrat presidential candidate can compete with President Trump in November.”  

Attention Wyoming Republicans

Caucus and Convention season has arrived.
This is the time for the grassroots people who believe in our God- given rights to make their voices heard. The time honored process that serves a Republic well is in motion.  Every county party in our great state has scheduled a Caucus for all if registered as a Republican voters. 
 See schedule here.

"I'm a Republican because..." by Chloe

In our new video series "I am a Republican because..." Republicans from across the state share their "why". Please join the conversation!


We stand with Governor Gordon and State's Sovereignty


CHEYENNE, WY - The Wyoming Republican Party supports Governor Mark Gordon in his stand against the obliteration of mountain goats in Grand Teton National Park. We echo his sentiment of profound disappointment that the National Park Service would choose to act unilaterally in the execution of this wildlife population and will stand behind him as he leads our state to a solution to stand for state sovereignty.

W. Frank Eathorne

Wyoming Republican Party Chairman


The Wyoming Republican Party