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Repeal Exemption From Promoting Obscenity

WHEREAS books, audio, video and other forms of media have been found in libraries in the Wyoming public systems that portrays inappropriate sexual acts; and

WHEREAS child pornography laws in Wyoming are written to protect children; and

WHEREAS the Wyoming legislature was unable to vote on HB0087 in 2023; now, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the exemption from promoting obscenity for public school librarians be repealed.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED any public-school board or school librarian to have such media material available to children should have their library budget suspended by the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED the Wyoming legislature should pass a new bill equivalent to HB0087 from 2023.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED should any Wyoming elected official, in the future, fail to support said legislation, the Wyoming Republican Party will withdraw all support from that elected official.


Wyoming Republican Party, 19 Apr 2024 WYGOP State Convention


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