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WHEREAS: Women/females have struggled since the 1800s to obtain equal status in society and descendants of the women of the suffrage movement who advocated and won the fight for women’s equality, we must do the same for girls/females following behind us to do no less than fight for their female standing in culture;

WHEREAS: True transgender transition is a biological impossibility as genetically biological males and females are distinct in cellular make up;

WHEREAS: Females have XX chromosomes and males have XY chromosomes in every cell of their bodies the characteristics arising from this difference are unique and immutable from the moment of conception and continue so through life;

WHEREAS: Biological differences between the sexes manifests particularly in that on average males are larger in size and possess greater body strength than females resulting in inequality if men compete with women in athletic events;

WHEREAS: Women are put at a strength/performance disadvantage, lose educational opportunities and readiness for occupational obtainment;

WHEREAS: It is wholesome and wise to acknowledge and celebrate complementary differences and uniqueness between men and women;

WHEREAS: Women have achieved inspirational and significant accomplishments in education, athletics, employment, and politics;

WHEREAS: Recent misguided court rulings related to the definition of “sex” have led to the endangerment of essential resources and opportunities dedicated to women with unintended consequences taking the positive steps away from the 72 years of sacrifices, blood, sweat and tears shed by our sisters in the women’s suffrage movement; And,

WHEREAS: Scrutiny needs to be given to legislation that enables and endorses necessary distinction between sexes for the safeguarding of all society;

BE IT RESOLVED: We believe and resolve that the terms “woman/women/girl” refers to biological human females and the terms “man/men/boy” refer to biological human males.


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