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Return to Hand Counting in All Wyoming Elections

WHEREAS The Wyoming Constitution Article 6, Sec. 13. Purity of elections to be provided for. The legislature shall pass laws to secure the purity of elections, and guard against abuses of the elective franchise; and

WHEREAS Wyoming Election code Title 22, 22-2-101 (b) This Election Code shall be construed so that all legally qualified electors may register and vote, that those who are not qualified shall not vote, and that fraud and corruption in elections shall be prevented; and

WHEREAS there is no actual process to protect the integrity of election outcomes when fraud is found or discovered in an active election; and

WHEREAS we have loss of election security with multiple proprietary back door access to election machines; and

WHEREAS A voter cannot prove or validate their actual vote was recorded as voter cast; and

WHEREAS election officials do not have technical cyber and software expertise to recognize election machine fraud; and

WHEREAS patents of election voting machines state they have capabilities of internet, satellite, and remote access; and

WHEREAS our elections are programed by our Electronic Voting machine provider company and local elections clerks have no knowledge of exact programming placed either intentionally or non-intentionally on to our electronic voting machines; and

WHEREAS we do not have full chain of custody, integrity, or full security of our Electronic voting machines with third party programmers of the machines; and

WHEREAS we do not have capabilities of understanding and knowing what regular maintenance programming or updates that are being performed; and

WHEREAS no amount of election certification, designed by Voting machine companies that clerks must follow, will find, or let access to program(s) that control the machine; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the State of Wyoming must remove all opportunities and vulnerabilities that these Election Machines bring to the elections process and guard against and prevent fraud. Therefore, Wyoming must return to hand counting.


Wyoming Republican Party, 19 Apr 2024 WYGOP State Convention


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