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Resolution on Sage Grouse Core Areas

WHEREAS Sage grouse Core areas have stripped private property rights from private landowners without notice or consent, restricting use and limiting their ability to do business, and

WHEREAS private mineral owners have been negatively affected by Sage Grouse Core areas since their inception also without consent, and

WHEREAS sage grouse in non-core areas have persisted and even benefited from oil and gas development, reclamation, farming, and ranching, and

BE IT RESOLVED that the Wyoming Republican Party opposes involuntarily including private land in government mandated, Sage Grouse Core Areas, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that those landowners who have been involuntarily included in Core be given the opportunity to be removed and that further expansion on private lands be done only on a truly voluntary basis.


Wyoming Republican Party, 19 Apr 2024 WYGOP State Convention


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