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Opposition to Executive Order #14008, the “30x30” Program

WHEREAS, Wyoming GOP Platform #4 states, “The pursuit by an individual to rightfully acquire, keep and enjoy his own property is foundational. Every individual has the right to develop his own potential, to use and enjoy his own property, tangible or intellectual, and to pursue his own interests, free from the restrictions of arbitrary force. Individuals are always presumed to be the best stewards of their property.

WHEREAS additionally, WY GOP Platform #5 states, “The Wyoming Republican Party supports the protection of private property from the use of eminent domain, civil asset forfeiture, amortization or inverse condemnation”; and

WHEREAS, the federal government has constitutionally usurped and obtained control of 48.19% of the total 62,343,040 acres in the Great State of Wyoming; and

WHEREAS, over a half million acres in Wyoming are committed to conservation easements; and

WHEREAS, Wyoming’s agriculturists are the best stewards of the land and water – their survival depends on it; and

WHEREAS, livestock grazing, irrigated and dryland cropping, oil and gas production, mining and mineral development, timber harvest, hunting, recreation and tourism are the drivers of Wyoming’s economy; and

WHEREAS, in Section 215 of Executive Order #14008, President Biden directed the Secretary of the Interior, in consultation with the Secretary of Agriculture and other senior officials, to develop a program to “preserve” at least 30% of the lands and water in the United States by 2030, which is called the “30 x 30” or “America the Beautiful” program; and

WHEREAS, under the 30 x 30 program, if implemented, some 680 million acres of our Nation’s lands would be set aside and permanently “preserved” in its natural state, preventing the productive use of these lands and their resources; and

WHEREAS, the 30 x 30 program would cause significant harm to the economy of Wyoming; and

WHEREAS, there is no constitutional authority for the President or any other federal agency to set aside and permanently remove 30% of all land from production and control 30% of the water in the United States; now, therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED by the Wyoming Republican Party, as follows:

The Wyoming Republican Party opposes the 30 x 30 initiative also known as “America the Beautiful”, including its objective of permanently conserving 30% of the Nation’s land in wilderness, wilderness study areas, wildlife preserves, open space, or other conservation land, which would prevent the development and productive use of the resources on or within such lands or restricting vegetative treatments including but not limited to grazing, reducing invasive/noxious plant infestations and wildfire mitigation by the year 2030 or any similar program that will permanently set aside and prevent the productive use of millions of acres of our lands and, any program governing water use and water rights that would impair or restrict water diversions and uses authorized by Wyoming law; and

We also call upon the national delegation, state legislature, governor, and county commissions to stand against these unconstitutional executive mandates.


Wyoming Republican Party, 19 Apr 2024 WYGOP State Convention


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