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“Net-Zero and “Carbon Negative” Policies

WHEREAS, Policy decisions related to the climate change hypothesis are potentially damaging to the environment, and must be transparent to the public, scrutinized and debated by the legislative body. The Wyoming Constitution states in Article 3, Section 20 Laws to be passed by bill; alteration nor amendment of bills; “No law shall be passed except by bill, and no bill shall be so altered or amended on its passage through either house as to change its original purpose.”; and

WHEREAS, The Executive Branch of Government is tasked with carrying out Legislative policy decisions. The Wyoming Constitution clearly explains the Executive power vested in the Governor in Article 4, Section 4, Powers of Governor Generally; “The Governor shall be commander-in-chief of the military forces of the state, except when they are called into the service of the United States and may call out the same to execute the laws, suppress insurrection and repel invasion. He shall have power to convene the legislature on extraordinary occasions. He shall at the commencement of each session communicate to the Legislature by message, information of the condition of the State and recommend such measures as he shall deem expedient. He shall transact all necessary business with the officers of the Government, civil and military. He shall expedite all such measures as may be resolved upon by the Legislature and shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed.”; and

WHEREAS, Governor Gordon is using his Chairmanship of the Western Governors Association to obligate Wyoming to be a “Carbon Neutral” and then a “Carbon Negative” State under no Constitutional or scientifically-justified authority; and

WHEREAS, a 55-page paper published by the CO2 Coalition states, ‘Net Zero Plans Are Dangerous and Unsupported by Science and the Scientific Method. Net Zero initiatives of governments and private organizations are scientifically invalid and will lead to worldwide environmental disaster, impoverishment and starvation if implemented; now, therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED, The Wyoming Republican Party opposes Governor Gordon’s attack on our legacy mineral industries; coal, oil, gas, etc. and favoring much less reliable, more expensive and environmentally destructive sources of energy, such as wind and solar.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, The Wyoming Republican Party demands Governor Gordon stop his “Carbon Neutral” and “Carbon Negative” policies without going through the proper channels of the Legislative Body.


Wyoming Republican Party, 19 Apr 2024 WYGOP State Convention


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