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Natural Asset Company

WHEREAS, the SEC Commission issued a proposed rule to approve the creation of a new investment vehicle, the “Natural Asset Company (NAC), 88 FED. REG. 6881 on Oct. 4, 2023, and;

WHEREAS, this rule has since been withdrawn by the NYSE, and;

WHEREAS, the purpose of this new investment product is to provide a way for the elite investors and governments to profit from protecting natural resources, i.e. public and private lands, including National Parks and Wilderness Areas, and the air, water, and mineral resources contained within these lands in the United States created by the climate crisis. This goes hand in hand with the Biden Administrations and UN 30x30 plan and the net zero decarbonization policies, and;

WHEREAS, the objective of the NACs is total political and financial control over natural resources in the USA, and;

WHEREAS, the valuation of all lands of the USA are being calculated for use in offsetting the National Debt, and;

WHEREAS, the proposed rule gives “Management Authority” to the NAC; invites Foreign Interests to invest in an NAC; Land Trusts can enroll conservation easements without Landowner’s permission; exclusive rights to natural processes (air, water, minerals, photosynthesis) will be monetized and assigned to the NAC’s; and the protection of resources is prioritized over human flourishing, and;

WHEREAS, natural processes on our public and private lands currently allow for agriculture, timber, mining of minerals, oil, and gas to create local economies, and provide food and energy for the world, and;

WHEREAS, elimination of these industries will harm the well being of the citizenry of the USA and the world, and;

WHEREAS, there is nothing in this rule to guarantee that these NAC’s will not exploit the lands for the vast abundance of natural resources they contain., and;

WHEREAS, this is just one vehicle of the global elites to implement the United Nations land conservation program (30 x 30). This land grab will not go away quietly,

BE IT RESOLVED, the Wyoming Republican Party opposes any SEC vehicle and Proposed Rule’s for future NAC’s because Wyoming Citizens deserve the ability to earn a living and recreate on lands in Wyoming.


Wyoming Republican Party, 19 Apr 2024 WYGOP State Convention


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