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Declaration of Art. 3 SEC. 3 Vacancies

WHEREAS the Wyoming Legislature has no authority to district the state other than in accordance with the limits placed on its powers by the people of Wyoming in convention as expressed in article 3, section 3 of the Wyoming State Constitution,

WHEREAS the Wyoming State Constitution, article 3, section 3 provides that:

Each county shall constitute a senatorial and representative district; the senate and house of representatives shall be composed of members elected by the legal voters of the counties respectively, every two (2) years. They shall be apportioned among the said counties as nearly as may be according to the number of their inhabitants. Each county shall have at least one senator and one representative; but at no time shall the number of members of the house of representatives be less than twice nor greater than three times the number of members of the senate. The senate and house of representatives first elected in pursuance of this constitution shall consist of sixteen and thirty-three members respectively, and

WHEREAS the Wyoming Legislature prior to 1992 did district the state for legislative reapportionment purposes into districts that followed county lines (“Constitutional Districts”) but since 1992 has not districted the state for legislative reapportionment purposes into districts bounded by county lines (“Unconstitutional Districts”), such that the legislative offices of Representative(s) and Senator(s) the Constitutional Districts of Wyoming have been vacant since 1992.

BE IT RESOLVED: That the Boards of Commissioners of each Wyoming county declare vacancies for the positions of County State Representative(s) and County State Senator(s) and in accordance with W.S. § 22-18-111(iii)(A)-(C) initiate such actions as are required to fill the vacancies declared.


Wyoming Republican Party, 19 Apr 2024 WYGOP State Convention


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