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Wyoming's Economic Powerhouse of Industries

Whereas: Wyoming has a diverse economic base relying on the exploration and use of Wyoming's abundant natural resources both above ground and underground. These include minerals such as coal, trona, precious metals, oil, natural gas, timber, wildlife, grazing land for our beef industry, recreation, and tourism.

Whereas: Wyoming depends on these industries to generate tax revenue and jobs to sustain our cities, towns, school districts and state government, and small businesses across our state.

Whereas: Federal regulations are strangling our industries and small businesses with overburdensome regulations to where business and industry cannot plan the future of their companies when they are at the mercy of political party agendas and deeply embedded bureaucrats creating policy according to their ideology instead of what's good for the citizens of Wyoming and the nation.

Whereas: Wyoming is an Energy State that can power the western United States and should be able to do that as a sovereign State.

Whereas: Wyoming does have its own Department of Environmental Quality that regulates our natural resources industries in Wyoming along with the redundancy of Federal Departments that control 48.1% of Wyoming Land, with 61% of that being under BLM, and 30% USFS control.

Whereas: Wyoming's citizens should have the final say on what happens on lands (private lands excluded) within Wyoming's borders, not a judge shopped, pro green agenda driven judge.

Be it resolved: Wyoming should execute it sovereign powers and take back control of BLM and USFS lands to control Wyoming's economic future and govern the lands with local input of those directly affected by their use, i.e., cities, towns, and counties.


Wyoming Republican Party, 22 Nov 12 SCC

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