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Get the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) out of Wyoming

WHEREAS the Bureau of Land Management manages 18.4 million acres of federally managed land in Wyoming; and

WHEREAS, the BLM manages a full 42.9 million acres of federal mineral estate in Wyoming; and

WHEREAS, BLM manages 16 wild horse and burro herd management areas in Wyoming and three holding facilities; and

WHEREAS, it is the statutory mission of BLM to manage these lands for multiple use and sustained yield; and

WHEREAS, the BLM has authorized 1 ,000 wind turbines directly on important mule deer winter range in Carbon County; and

WHEREAS, the BLM, under the Biden administration is failing to sell leases for energy development, and is failing to manage for recreation through the closure of trails and is failing in its wild horse and burro management, just to name three offenses against Wyoming. Now,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the Wyoming Republican Party supports the transfer of control of the lands managed by Bureau of Land Management to Wyoming as the rightful owners of the land.


Wyoming Republican Party, 22 Nov 12 SCC

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