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July 2, 2020

The work of the Wyoming Republican Party was concluded in the culminating event, the June Convention of 2020. In an unusual year, the party was required to split the Convention, the first happening over Zoom in May and the second taking place last weekend in person in Gillette, WY. The Delegates to the Wyoming State Republican Convention have now completed their work for 2020.  The June 27th meeting was convened to complete the Party’s business, which included ratifying the selection of Wyoming Delegates to the Republican National Convention to support the re-election of President Donald J. Trump, and ratifying the election of our National Committeeman Corey Steinmetz and our National Committeewoman, Harriet Hageman. Changes to the Party’s Bylaws, Platforms and Resolutions were also addressed.  

Both sessions of the Convention were well attended. The Party faithful were pleased to be working together in the same room, and it was a time for renewing friendships and committing ourselves to our Republican ideals.  

Some of the highlights include:

  • Charlie Kirk from Turning Point USA was one of the most energized and exciting speakers convention goers have had.  He gave a barn-burner of a speech demanding that Republicans stand up and defend our great country from the outrageous efforts to erase our history, to change our institutions beyond recognition, to destroy our economic and financial structure, and to indoctrinate our young into hating America.  Every person who listened to him was inspired and fortified as the fight to protect the American way of life continues. Kirk talked directly to every generation in attendance, thundering for an hour about why our Country is worth saving, the importance of our constitutionally-protected freedoms, and why the progressives must be defeated in November.  We invite you to watch his speech at  

  • The Bylaws were changed to ensure that every County is now entitled to send a Delegate to the Republican National Convention every 4 years.  This ensures that the grassroots of the Party has a voice, and that Republicans throughout the State have the opportunity to participate in these historical events.

  • The Delegates voted to adopt several accountability measures, including requiring that any candidate seeking financial support from the Party be willing to support the, grassroots developed, GOP Platforms.  While some would describe these changes as a “litmus test,” that is not the case at all.  Anyone is free to run as a Republican, and being the “Big Tent Party,” we recognize that we have a broad spectrum of voices that speak out on important issues.  The Delegates believe, however, that if a candidate asks the Party for money, they ought to adhere to those values that have been laid out in the Platforms.

Al Gage, professional parliamentarian for the Republican National Committee, served as the Conventions Parliamentarian and sent a resounding approval of the day. “Decorum was maintained, parliamentary procedure was followed and as a result, a valid election of National Committeeman, National Committeewoman, Delegates and alternates to the Republican National Convention, and Presidential Electors occurred. In conclusion, the principle of majority rule was followed while still protecting the rights of the minority and/or absentees.”

State Treasurer Curt Meier also attended our Convention. He offered the following observations: “The 2020 Republican Convention had a spirited and passionate debate with the non-prevailing side using practically every parliamentary procedure to make their points. That included calling for an adjournment just past the midpoint of the Convention. These tactics were not successful in stalling the passage of Bylaws and Platforms, however, they did delay any action on Resolutions, which can be taken up by the Central Committee at a later date. Republicans are passionate about their Party and their government and we know that we have more in common with each other than we do with the coastal Democrats who seek only to divide America. We are the Party of Lincoln, Reagan, and Trump and are proud of it.”

The Convention was a huge success. President Trump has reinvigorated the conservatives and the grassroots movement.  The Wyoming Republican Party is committed to seeing that he is reelected and our Republic preserved.   

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