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February 2024 Chaplain Report

One does not need to be a professing disciple of any particular faith or creed to understand that the battle in which we find ourselves as a nation is a spiritual battle. It's a battle which is truly good versus abject, overt evil.


Today's Democrat party no longer makes any effort to hide their disdain for the founding principles of our Republic.


It should be obvious to all that:


  • We have a two-tiered justice system - one for the elite and one for the common man.

  • The voice of religion, other than Islam, is silenced in the public square.

  • Individual conscience is over-ruled by lawmakers and judges.

  • The constitutional principle of "equal protection under the law" has been replaced by the creation of special classes of people.

  • Justice is no longer blind, ruling only on the law.

  • Our universities no longer debate ideas and seek truth but enforce preferred "truths" and silence opposing views.

  • Our savings accounts and purchasing power are being eroded as people and nations realize that the "full faith and credit" of the United States no longer holds any meaning.



The World Economic Forum is open and blatant about its goals:


  • They believe a proper, sustainable world population is 500 million.

  • To achieve that goal, the world population must be reduced by 7.5 billion human souls.

  • They believe that we should "own nothing and be happy."

  • Agriculture and meat production are a focus of their efforts to control us.


The Scriptures tell us that there is a God who has written His Law on the hearts of men and that all people inherently know what is right and what is wrong. The entire Creation shouts to us that there is a Creator and that man is without excuse when he violates natural law.


A divided GOP cannot win and cannot stop this determined effort to reduce free men to serfs.


  • We stand for what is good.

  • We stand for the dignity of the individual.

  • We stand for liberty and self-determination.

  • We stand for personal responsibility and the reward of excellence.

  • We stand for strong families and parental rights.


Any organization that turns children against parents, creates special classes of people endowed with special rights, and shouts down opposing voices and ideas, is nothing more than a cult.


The Democrat party is a cult, and for the sake of our nation, its agenda must be stopped.


This is the year to stop it.


David Holland

Vice Chairman, WYGOP

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