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May 14, 2020

“The Republican National Committee sponsors a Republican National Convention Page Program.  Pages will work for the RNC for eight days in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Each state and territory gets to nominate two individuals, between the ages of 16 and 22, to be considered by the RNC for election to this program.  The Wyoming Republican Party developed a Committee to receive and consider Convention Page applications from around Wyoming. 

 "Marti Halverson, Heather Hayes, Carla Klopfenstein, Michael Pearce and Christine Riker did receive and did consider numerous applications.  And Wyoming’s nominations to the RNC Page Program are:  FaithHoney Anderson from Devil’s Tower, Cook County and Grace Turner from Jackson, Teton County.  Congratulations FaithHoney and Grace, and good luck!  We will be sending in your nominations with the strongest of recommendations!  

"Runners up were Bailee Allred of Cokeville, Lincoln County and Alexis Weaver from Ranchester, Sheridan County.  Our deepest thanks to all of those who applied and congratulations to the four outstanding young women who made it into the Final Four.”

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