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Where is VP Harris?

Over the weekend, Biden's Vice President and border czar was in California but didn't even care enough about the safety of Americans to make an appearance at the Southern border.

On Monday, two Yemenis on the FBI Terrorism Watch List were apprehended at the border in California. Full story here

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel penned an op-ed in Fox News calling out Kamala Harris for hiding from the Biden-Harris crisis at the southern border.

Chairwoman McDaniel wrote that the facts clearly point to Biden and Harris's culpability in creating the current crisis, noting that border agents have encountered "171,000 migrants in the month of March March 2020, under the strong leadership of President Trump, the CBP [border patrol] saw only 34,000 migrants."

Meanwhile, "border czar" Kamala Harris is nowhere to be found, despite visiting a border state just this past weekend. In Chairwoman McDaniel's words, "taking a California vacation on the taxpayer’s dime when there’s a humanitarian crisis raging mere miles to the south is cynical, weak and fundamentally uncaring."

Democrats don't care about American sovereignty or the safety of Americans. As Republicans, we must hold the line on protecting our nation!

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Kathy Leicester
Kathy Leicester
Apr 10, 2021

I think HeelsUp Whore has lost her mind. Honestly. Here's why.

Remember a couple weeks ago, when HeelsUp was talking to some group, and she started laughing uncontrollably in the middle of a sentence that wasn't funny? I think she went into hysterics. I think she's lost her mind.

She's going to be installed as the faux-potus very soon, and she knows her cock sucking technique isn't going to work leading the free world. Or, leading an occupied nation in this case.

She's lost her mind. We won't see her till she's drugged beyond comprehension, or maybe not at all.


Ps.... bahahaha... what a clown show this is.... bahahaha


Mr Biden said Ms Harris would be in charge of the border situation. Interestingly, within 24 hours Ms Harris said "No", she would not be in charge of the border situation (Wait. What? Can a VP do that?)...... crickets.... No further comment from Mr Biden.

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