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Vaccine and Medical Mandates

WHEREAS, public medical policy has been influenced by the drug companies and

insurance companies, and regulations in making laws and mandates that take away free citizen's rights to choose what is injected and what procedures are performed upon their bodies and the bodies of their minor children; and

WHEREAS, vaccinations have been purported to be safe and effective means of

giving a body immunity to disease, but have been shown to have risk of disastrous side effects and even death in some people; and

WHEREAS, the medical establishment is highly influenced by drug and insurance

companies in what they can and cannot prescribe and what treatments they can give to their patients, thus creating a conflict of interest. Free citizens and their

physicians should have their right to choose medical treatments given and received without government interference; and

WHEREAS, evidence abounds regarding deleterious effects of some of the

substances being used to vaccinate against COVID-19 and the many reported

adverse effects of those shots, including myocarditis, liver damage and heart failure;

BE IT RESOLVED, the Wyoming Republican Party asks for the removal of all waivers to the manufacturers and developers of the so-called vaccines and requests full transparency from all government entities regarding the side effects of those so-called vaccines; and

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Wyoming Republican Party stands for freedom in health care. That we will stand against any forced or mandated medical procedures upon any person's body, and the bodies of their minor children. We will stand for freedom and the opportunity to choose the medical procedures, vaccinations, or examinations used upon any person's body and the bodies of their minor children; and

BE IT RESOLVED, every person has the inalienable right to bodily integrity, free

from any threat or compulsion that the person accepts any medical intervention,

including immunization. No person may be discriminated against for refusal to

accept an unwanted medical intervention, including immunization; and

BE IT RESOLVED that; all health care mandates and vaccine passports shall be

prohibited by State Statute in Wyoming.


Wyoming Republican Party, 22 May 7 State Convention


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