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Student Wellbeing

WHEREAS the current social culture continues progression toward confusing

gender identities and that this confusion is infiltrating our schools, the courts

interpretations of our family structure and parental rights; and

WHEREAS we recognize the reasonable expectation of the privacy and the wellbeing of our students; and

WHEREAS we recognize the fundamental right of parents to guide their child’s

education; and that public schools should not undermine the values of parents; and

WHEREAS the wellbeing of 99% of our school children who choose to identify with their biological gender should not have to be subjugated to those do not; and

WHEREAS, mixing biologically born, genetic male and female children unclothed or partially clothed in locker rooms or showers is similar to and encourages interest in sex and child pornography; and

WHEREAS, placing school students, nude in the sight of others is a violation of

privacy and parental rights, encourages arousal and has led to rapes in schools

which have mixed sexes in this way; now

BE IT RESOLVED that the Wyoming Republican Party supports continued biological separation of male and female specific bathrooms, showers and locker rooms in our public schools.

BE IT FURTHER RESOVLED any staff, teacher, or administrator violating this

resolution shall be individually guilty of a criminal act.


Wyoming Republican Party, 22 May 7 State Convention


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