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Reject critical race theory ideology

WHEREAS, The belief that race is a determinant of human traits and capabilities

leading to the belief that there is inherent superiority, or inferiority or guilt of any

one race is the definition of racism, a repugnant and erroneous ideology which is the basis for Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project and it’s like; and

WHEREAS, Critical Race Theory teaches and implements theory that there exists in the United States inherent racism in the legal and law enforcement entities which creates inequalities in all aspects of society against non-Whites; and

WHEREAS, this ideology promotes the teaching of revisionist history that the United States was founded on racism, thereby encouraging racist ideology instead of promoting the founding principle in the United States Declaration of Independence statement that all men are created equal without regard to race; and

WHEREAS, The Constitution of the State of Wyoming, Article 7 Section 10 - No

discrimination between pupils - “In none of the public schools so established and

maintained shall distinction or discrimination be made on account of sex, race or

color” and Section 12 - Sectarianism prohibited - “No sectarian instruction,

qualifications or tests shall be imparted, exacted or in any manner tolerated in the schools of any grade or character controlled by the state, nor shall attendance be required at any religious service therein, nor shall any sectarian tenants or doctrines be taught or favored in any public school or institution that may be established under this Constitution.”; now

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Wyoming schools must reject Critical Race

Theory and not advocate for other related curricula to include, but not limited to,

Marxist doctrine, socialism, and other teachings that encourage division based on

creed, race or economic status.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Republican Party opposes the promoting of any ideology of racism or its components by any name at any level of education or government and supports the Wyoming Constitution and a constitutional

amendment will secure this effect.


Wyoming Republican Party, 22 May 7 State Convention


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