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Upholding of Republican Party Values

Whereas, elected officials who run and get elected as Republicans then refuse to stand on our Platform give the Wyoming Republican Party a bad name; and

Whereas, with, the growing number of candidates that run under the guise of being a Republican but not upholding the goals of the Republican Platform, it has become necessary to impose and actively enforce the guidelines for candidates in the Republican Party, i.e. the Platform. These guidelines are necessary to protect the party and ensure that republican candidates will support the Wyoming Republican Party Platform.

Be it resolved that a candidate running as a Republican will adhere to the Republican Platform, which has been duly established by the County and State Republican Party Caucuses and Conventions. If the candidate cannot accept and support this requirement, they are invited to run as a candidate in another party that more closely fits their political ideology;

Be it further resolved that the Wyoming Republican Party will not provide any support or recognition of said candidate.


Wyoming Republican Party, 21 May 15 SCC


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