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E-Voter Driver’s License and Identification

WHEREAS, The Wyoming Republican Party recognizes that the State of Wyoming has the responsibility to the citizens of Wyoming to ensure fair and honest elections, it is necessary that we secure our elections so that only eligible people are voting.

WHEREAS, The Wyoming State Legislature did pass HB 75 requiring a voter to present acceptable identification immediately before voting, but included many “acceptable” forms of identification that do not denote if an individual is a qualified elector.

WHEREAS, The Wyoming Republican Party believes that one unbiased way to address this issue is to add the letter “E” to eligible individual’s driver licenses of confirmed qualified electors.

WHEREAS, the identification card number is unbiased as it does not contain income, or ethnicity information.

WHEREAS, by showing an E-Voter verified identification when presenting oneself to vote assures not only are you who you say you are (via your picture) but also shows you are an eligible qualified elector to vote (with the “E” on the identification card) and will also allow your current residence that can be

cross referenced with the voter rolls to ensure you are at the correct voting location.

WHEREAS, when voting by absentee writing the E-Voter Identification number on the inside flap of the envelope containing the ballot again assures valid voter. Running numbers on absentee ballots will require a computer program be available established to run E-Voter Identification numbers on absentee


WHEREAS, when a holder of an E-Voter Identification moves out of state or dies, the E-license will expire preventing fraudulent use by others voting in their place. licenses are usually surrendered when applying in a new state.

WHEREAS, Those driver’s licenses that do not contain an “E” does not discriminate against those persons because it does not contain any identifying information as to why there is no “E” (such as the individual is below voting age, legal or illegal immigrant, or felon or temporary worker) It simply omits

the “E” from the identification.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Wyoming Republican Party supports adding an “E” to Wyoming driver’s licenses (or official state ID) for eligible qualified elector and that voters be limited to only being able to present a verified E-Voter ID when they arrive at the polls to vote or request, and

return, an absentee ballot.


Wyoming Republican Party 21 May 15 SCC


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