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Supporting Equal Justice

WHEREAS, we live in critical times for America, we have huge decisions to make with all of these new developments. We The People Can choose to continue this march into a violently, oppressive, totalitarian, might-make-right type of governance - or we can choose to return to our Founding Ideals of LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.

WHEREAS, All must be understood as ALL;

WHEREAS, ALL people must have Equal access to Justice;

WHEREAS, ALL people must be Equally held to Just Laws;

WHEREAS, ALL Just Laws must be upheld in a Just and Equal way;

WHEREAS, ALL Un-Just Laws constitute Crimes;

WHEREAS, all Government Employees who Un-Justly harm a neighbor, must be

brought to Justice, even if their Actions were in the “job description”;

WHEREAS, no skin color, no income bracket, no community status, no badge, no

uniform, no title, no state license, can ever sway justice;

WHEREAS, the state is an institution of man;

WHEREAS, the State is made up of an operated by fallible humans;

WHEREAS, Governors, Legislators, Police, Game Wardens, Inspectors are all

neighbors, and have NO superhuman authority;

WHEREAS, the State, logically, has no more authority than your neighbors, with no superhuman powers;

WHEREAS, the stroke of a pen cannot sway what is Good, Right, or Just;

WHEREAS, Laws which require State Employees to treat their neighbors in Un-Just way, give State Employees a Superiority Complex;

WHEREAS, if political activists petition the State to do anything to your neighbors that would be a crime if you did the same thing to them, you are really just making the state a criminal;

WHEREAS, if a State-employed neighbor thinks he or she has superhuman authority, and uses that supposed authority to harm a neighbor, EVEN IF IT IS IN THE JOB DESCRIPTION, they are still criminals;

WHEREAS, many of our “Laws” constitute crimes. This leads state employees to

believe they have the authority to use force against a neighbor who has harmed no one;

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Wyoming Republican Party urges the Legislature to remove all Laws that amount to Un-Just harm to anyone, and EQUALLY enforce only Just and True Laws.


Wyoming Republican Party, 21 May 15 SCC


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