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State Convention Order of Business

We, the Wyoming Republican Party Central Committee, desiring to fully complete the business of Wyoming Republican Party 2022 State Convention, are compelled to declare and resolve the following:

WHEREAS, in February, March and April of 2022, Wyoming Republicans will be meeting in Precinct Caucuses and County Conventions to develop Resolutions, and propose amendments to the Bylaws and the Platform to be brought to the Delegates of the State Convention; and

WHEREAS, the Delegates to the Wyoming Republican Party’s biannual State Convention are the governing body of Party; and

WHEREAS, the Party’s Bylaws and Platform can only be amended in Convention; and

WHEREAS, the Resolutions passed in Convention serve to guide and instruct our Republican office holders for two years; and

WHEREAS, Wyoming Republicans reasonably expect the Delegates to the State Convention to address the proposed Resolutions, Bylaws amendments, and Platform amendments developed in their Precinct Caucuses, County Conventions and the respective State Convention Committees; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED that, in the development of the 2022 State Convention Agenda, the leadership of the Wyoming Republican Party shall prioritize the actual business of the Convention over all speeches, memorials, and/or miscellaneous/extraneous business that may be desired by others to come before the Delegates, in accordance with Party Bylaws Article VI, Section 10, Clause 1;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the undersigned strongly urge Chairman Eathorne to resist any inclination he might have to exercise his prerogative under Party Bylaws Article VI, Section 10, Clause 2.

Wyoming Republican Party Bylaws, Article VI, Section 10: Order of Business

10. The order of business at the Republican State Convention shall be as follows:

(a) Call to order by the State Chairman

(b) Presentation of Temporary Convention Chairman and Secretary

(c) Report of Credentials Committee

(d) Election of Permanent Convention Chairman and Secretary

(e) Report of State Chairman

(f) Report of the Bylaws Committee

(g) Report of the Platform Committee

(h) Report of the Resolutions Committee

(i) Report of the Nominating/Elections Committee

(j) Introduction and Addresses of Declared State-wide Candidates

(k) Elections

(l) Other Business

(m) Adjournment


Wyoming Republican Party, 22 Jan 22 SCC

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