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SOGI (Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity)

WHEREAS equal protection under the law demands protection against personal

injury or property loss, but cannot demand affirmation of personal ideas, choices, or behaviors without infringing upon the integrity and property rights of other persons; yet “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” (SOGI) laws obliterate this foundational legal distinction, and

WHEREAS, laws using undefined and undefinable terms are inherently unjust,

depriving persons under the law of any reasonable opportunity to know in advance how the law will be applied to them; and “gender identity” lacks any definite legal content such that even its proponents are unable to list every current identity, or rule out the addition of new identities in the future, and

BE IT RESOLVED that the Wyoming Republican Party stands opposed to the

insertion of “sexual orientation,” and “gender identity” language into any policy,

ordinance, guideline, or statute at every level of government, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Wyoming Republican Party will continue to

protect the dignity, safety and integrity of every human being by advocating for just, defined, and limited laws which protect persons from injury and their property from loss while not punishing anyone for holding, expressing, or acting upon their sincerely held beliefs.


Wyoming Republican Party, 22 May 7 State Convention


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