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School Safety

WHEREAS, federal and state governments have shown that “one size fits all” policies for school defense are a complete failure; and,

WHEREAS, parents and school staff should be enabled to protect students; and,

WHEREAS, most school armed assaults are only stopped by armed well intentioned citizens; and,

WHEREAS, the only state that has not experienced a school shooting allows for guns on school grounds; and

WHEREAS, the state of Wyoming, Division of Criminal Investigation has in place a thorough process for vetting applicants for concealed Firearm permits; Now,

therefore, be it

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Wyoming Republican Party supports removal of the

designation "Gun Free Zone" from all school campuses; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Wyoming Republican Party supports school

protection policies to be the responsibilities of local school boards and supports the training and arming of qualified and willing school staff on school campuses.


Wyoming Republican Party, 22 May 7 State Convention


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