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Resolution to stop 2021 SF 55 and 2021 HB133

re Licensing of vendors of gambling and/or games of chance

Whereas, the Joint Committee of Travel, Recreation, Wildlife & Cultural Resources brought SF 55 that would transfer the pari-mutuel commission to a gaming commission, giving the Commission and its employees full police power to oversee all forms of gambling and games of chance; and

Whereas: Per this bill any person holding, conducting, offering, supplying or distributing a game of chance must hold a License issued in accordance with this act. And every Licensee must file a report every Wednesday. And pay a fee on the total amount wagered. The amount to be 1⁄4% to the Commission, 1% to the Commission for the Town, City or County and 1⁄4% to the Commission for a Legislative Stabilization Reserve Account.

Whereas: Per this Bill the Commission shall have the power to establish all rules, fines, fees and restrictions on licensees, transfer of license and for vendors, devices and record keeping requirements for licensees, vendors and suppliers.

Whereas: Per this Bill any game of chance shall not be conducted in any unincorporated area of a County or in any Municipality until the question has been put before the people to accept or reject games of chance. And no person under 18 years of age may participate in any game of chance.

Whereas: The Wyoming Republican Party Platform stands for small Government and NOT handing over power to a Commission to create law, impose taxes, fines and then have police power to enforce.

Whereas: This Bill would restrict or even stop the ability of charity fundraisers both large and small throughout Wyoming. And create another government layer to further increase government control over the people’s freedoms and liberties.

LET IT BE RESOLVED, the Wyoming Republican Party shall stand against 20LSO-0217 and any Legislation that would create a Gaming Commission. And request all Republican legislators to help stop any from legislation proceeding.


Wyoming Republican Party, 21 May 15 SCC


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