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Resolution on COVID-19 Draconian Measures

WHEREAS, as Republicans in Wyoming we recognize the need to take the threat of the Coronavirus very seriously and as true Republicans we accept personal responsibility to exercise prudent precautions and are doing our personal and civic duty to prepare for and mitigate the negative impacts of this crisis of both a medical as well an economic nature. However,

WHEREAS nobody is going to stand up for the right to peaceably assemble during a virus outbreak. It's just bad optics. ...... But maybe we should.... Remember Benjamin Franklin's warning, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." Would not our First Amendment right to Peaceably Assemble be an “essential Liberty?” And,

WHEREAS as dangerous as COVID -19 might be, our government should not have the authority or jurisdiction to shut down restaurants, theaters, bars, churches, or our weekend poker games. They can ask, persuade, educate and beg, but they should not be allowed to force and,

WHEREAS the crisis of the day should not nullify our Constitution or our individual liberty, nor should such a crisis grant totalitarian authority to anyone. There will be endless crises in the world, but there is only one liberty, and once lost it is near impossible to retrieve and,

WHEREAS Government doing anything to us or for us because it's “for our own good” is a notion that has potential consequences far worse than the horrible diseases in the world and,

WHEREAS the economic impacts of this crisis even at the point we are at now will likely far outlive the medical effects of the virus and,

WHEREAS this crisis is already being used to instigate a digital currency as some

stores are already refusing cash as a means of exchange,

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED by the Wyoming Republicans that all Draconian

measures of the County, State, and Federal Governments cease and our full

Republican Form of Government guaranteed by the Constitution be restored and that our elected servants at all levels use the means of persuasion and education to deal with the spread of COVID -19, virulent variant, or any other contagious agent.


Wyoming Republican Party, 21 May 15 SCC

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