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Resolution in Support of Wyoming’s Mineral Energy

WHEREAS, the state of Wyoming has been blessed with abundant wealth in the form of minerals crucial to the benefit of the United States of America; and

WHEREAS, coal, oil, gas, trona, bentonite, uranium, and rare earth minerals, among others, are important to our country’s national security and industry; and

WHEREAS, Wyoming’s extractive industries are under attack by well-funded international and domestic anti-energy environmental groups and unfriendly governments around the world in the name of so-called climate change; and

WHEREAS, the science is NOT “settled” as to the role of fossil fuels in any climate change model; now, therefore, let it be

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Wyoming Republican Party fully supports the extractive industries in Wyoming, keenly aware that our minerals, and the people and infrastructure that deliver them, power our great country, serve our American industry, and support Wyoming’s economy and the state’s cities, towns, counties and schools.


Wyoming Republican Party, 22 Jan 22 SCC

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