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Oil, Gas, Coal, and other Power Policies

WHEREAS, oil and gas are strategic resources and essential for the military; and

WHEREAS, oil, gas, and coal have been attacked by the religion of climate change; and

WHEREAS, climate change is taught in public funded institutions like the public

schools and the University of Wyoming, and advocated for by Wyoming Public

Broadcasting (NPR); and

WHEREAS, anthropogenic climate variance as taught is caused by CO2, however

other more viable theories such as magnetic pole strength have been published; and

WHEREAS, public funds are being used to liquefy CO2 and inject it into reservoirs in response to the public outcry regarding climate variance. This activity was

accomplished prior to public funding; and

WHEREAS, nuclear fusion is the most promising long-term solution to supplying

power; and

WHEREAS, Wyoming has been a rich source of power for the United States and

should remain one; and

WHEREAS, 48% of Wyoming is federal land. When drilling is stopped on federal

land, Wyoming loses revenue; and

WHEREAS, on Feb 22, 2022, the Biden administrations halted oil and gas leasing on Federal land. The Obama Administration policies caused all rigs in Wyoming to stop drilling for the first time in 60 years; and

BE IT RESOLVED, Public Education should give equal time in education to alternate causes of climate variance or lose public funding; and

BE IT RESOLVED, Public broadcasting must give equal time to alternate causes of

climate variance or lose public funding; and

BE IT RESOLVED, CO2 should be managed by producers of energy or the private

sector and not the government; and

BE IT RESOLVED, the State of Wyoming should begin to transfer Federal lands to

State lands and manage them properly as public land. Proper management includes logging, grazing, sports activity, public access to public lands, recreation, water storage, and all other uses in the public interest; and

BE IT RESOLVED, no public funding should go to private profit projects, including

but not limited to fission power; and

BE IT RESOLVED, the State or Wyoming should invest in Nuclear Fusion research.


Wyoming Republican Party, 22 May 7 State Convention


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