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May 12, 2020

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the great Republicans who came together on Saturday to do the Party’s business.  We all know that citizen participation in our political process and our government is critically important to the future of our Republic.  Now that we have executed the first-ever State Convention using Zoom, I can personally say that it is imperative that we return to a normal state of affairs as quickly as possible. 

While I know that it was difficult at times during our Zoom Convention, I believe that we accomplished what we set out to do.   We have elected a committed slate of Delegates to the Republican National Convention,  a group of people that will represent Wyoming with honor and integrity.  Harriet Hageman was elected as our new National Committeewoman, and she will begin her four-year term at the close of the Republican National Convention.  Corey Steinmetz, our current National Committeeman, was reelected to continue the work that he has been doing on behalf of Wyoming.

I have now had an opportunity to visit with other State Republican Party Chairmen and have learned that their State Conventions, conducted via Zoom, were disrupted, difficult, and at times chaotic.  In listening to their stories I deem it reasonable to say Wyoming’s convention was, by comparison, quite a success. 

I also learned that there appears to be a variety of “alternative” Republican groups popping up in those States, challenging the State Party or seeking to take over the leadership.  Republican Parties all over the country are returning to their conservative roots, pushing back efforts to dilute the Republican Platform, and liberal, progressive “Republicans” are furious and noisy.  In Idaho one such group is ironically called the Idaho Conservatives.   In Montana, they call themselves the  Solutions Caucus.  On the National level of course we know about the “Lincoln Republicans,” who have made clear that they will do whatever it takes to defeat our President in the November election.

The team of Republicans that we chose at our Wyoming convention will no doubt support the re-election of President Donald J. Trump and lead his America First Agenda to victory this November!

 W Frank Eathorne

Wyoming Republican Party Chairman

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