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February 5, 2019

With 19 days of the 2019 Legislative Session behind us, it is encouraging to look back and appreciate the positive work that has been done thus far. We are so thankful to be able to report the demise of a few threatening bills.

This infringement on separation of powers, which would have stripped the State Treasurer of his Constitutional duties, was defeated yesterday in the House Committee of the Whole. 

HB0230, which would have created a special class in Wyoming and allowed for "Colorado Baker" types of cases to take place, failed last night in the House. This is a great win for Wyoming values! 

It should be noted that two related bills died in Committees: HB0071 Equal pay-penalties; HB0084 Wage equality-state employees and programs.

This medicaid expansion bill failed yesterday as well. Thanks, in no small part, to you voicing your opposition to this devastating idea that seems to be gripping the country.

We are also excited to announce the passing of:

We are thankful for this bill that calls for accountability and consequences for physicians who defy current abortion reporting laws. Wyomingites may be surprised to learn that even in our own state we have issues with abortionists defying ultrasound notification and reporting laws. There are also unsafe abortions taking place both statewide and nationally and those practices are addressed by this law.

HB0103 has passed its first reading before the House Committee of the Whole yesterday and will be read twice more. Please contact your Representative and tell them to vote YES on HB0103.

As of yesterday, SF0160 to stop crossover voting, passed its second reading in the Senate Committee of the Whole. Election integrity is proving to be a priority for the entire state!

Unfortunately not all of the bills can play out in our favor.

We were disappointed to see SF0128, which would have provided for the protection of unborn children in the state of Wyoming from battery, aggravated battery, first, second and third degree murder and vehicular homicide, die in the Senate Committee of the Whole yesterday.

Thank you for all of the action you are continuing to take this legislative session. Because you are making your voice heard our Senators and Representatives are listening and are paying attention to the constituents on the issues that matter. Let’s use this as a spring-board to continue to be vigilant in our engagement while we continue to fight for the values upon which our nation and state were built.

Please continue to watch for updates and keep in mind; when Republican values win, Wyoming wins!

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