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In Support of Election Audits and Manual Recounts

WHEREAS, states across the Union are working to harden their voting systems against bad actors, foreign and domestic; and

WHEREAS, in addition to voter photo identification, the continued use of paper ballots, the avoidance of the use of the internet in any voting system, the implementation of election audits is becoming popular around the country; and

WHEREAS, election audits are performed when the polls close and also within a week of the polls closing; and

WHEREAS, an audit shall comprise both a results audit and a process audit; and

WHEREAS, the hand-counting of paper ballots shall be incorporated to any post-election audit, or results challenge, rather than only a machine recount; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Wyoming Republican Party urges Wyoming lawmakers to develop election audit systems and manual recounts to further ensure the integrity of our election systems.


Wyoming Republican Party, 21 May 15 SCC


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