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June 28, 2019

Wyoming Republican Party (WRP) Chairman W Frank Eathorne released the following statement in response to the first night of the Democrat primary debate:  

 We watched the first Democratic Presidential debates last night ... and we’re still waiting to see Wyoming’s core values addressed by the Democratic candidates. 

Besides the usual call for 'free' stuff and a fully socialist state, there was a new immigration plan from Julian Castro, who thinks the key fix is to make illegal immigration a civil offense.  Since Democrats and progressives have made it practically impossible to use and enforce immigration law as a criminal offense, the effect of his change would be to open a gigantic ‘front door’ to all comers, encouraging whoever walks through that door to live life to their liking, even if that includes ignoring our laws, disrespecting our culture, and mocking our values.  

The second effect would be, and is now, to make U.S. citizens the outsiders, unprotected, unacknowledged in our civil rights.  And progressive activists would continue to pass and enforce laws to make U.S. citizens accept and embrace whatever change is thrust on them, whether it’s an elimination of respect for human life, our laws, culture or economy, or dealing with fallout from dramatically increased stresses on community services. 

This is why U.S. citizens will continue to #walkaway from the Democrat party and #leadright with President Trump.

RNC Statement on Day 1 of the Democrat Debate

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel released the following statement in response to the first night of the Democrat primary debate: 

"Tonight, 2020 Democrats argued over fringe ideas that are completely out of touch with our values and would have a negative impact on Americans’ everyday lives," said Chairwoman McDaniel. "Voters recognize the success of President Trump’s pro-growth policies, in contrast to the Democrats’ radical proposals like a government takeover of health care, open borders, no protections for human life, and massive tax hikes. We stand with President Trump as he continues to fight for Americans and deliver a historic comeback for our country."

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