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Elected Official Vacancy

WHEREAS, in Wyoming, the major political parties are closer to the people who elected a person to carry out the responsibility of a particular office to which he has been elected; and

WHEREAS, the political party interviews and nominates potential replacements in the event of the vacancy of an elected official’s position; and

WHEREAS, the County Commissioners might not be of the same political affiliation as the office holder to be replaced or cannot come to an agreement to appoint from among the nominees the political party presented to the Commissioners; and

WHEREAS, if the County Commissioners cannot come to agreement, the District Court judge may decide to set aside the Party’s nominated replacements and instead choose an unnominated replacement;

BE IT RESOLVED, that Wyoming Republican Party supports a change in the Wyoming Statutes to grant the County Central Committee of the Party of the elected official to be replaced, the sole authority to name and fill the vacancy.


Wyoming Republican Party, 21 May 15 SCC


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