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Breach of Decorum by Representative Steve Harshman

WHEREAS, On October 28th , the third day of the 2021 Special Session of the 66th Wyoming Legislature, Natrona County Representative and former House of Representatives Speaker Steve Harshman, was participating via remote video conference to the Special Session. During the floor debate, Representative Harshman used obscene language personally directed, by name, to a colleague of the House, after a request by said representative for a roll call vote was made. According to in-state news media reports, Harshman is quoted as saying, “Chuck Gray, f*****,” he was heard saying, “Little F*****…………….”

WHEREAS, Representative Harshman breached decorum of the Wyoming House of Representatives by addressing the body without permission from the chair, using the name of another member, and displaying vulgar language toward a colleague on the Hour floor,

WHEREAS, with the most recent advancement of technology allowing for the live video streaming of the historical Legislative Special Session proceedings over the Internet, and most notably into the classrooms of students across the State of Wyoming, Representative Harshman, ad Wyoming educator by trade, not only violated House rules with his vulgarity-laced tirade, he failed to rise to any level of professionalism, which was displayed for all humanity to witness, including Wyoming’s school age children,

WHEREAS, the full House of Representatives failed to reprimand Representative Harshman beyond that which was performed by Speaker Barlow whereby he revoked Representative Harshman’s remote participation privileges to the session,

WHEREAS, the breach of decorum and blatant disrespect by Representative Harshman on October 28th, 2021 will forever be a stain on the Wyoming House of Representatives,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the Wyoming Republican Party strongly condemns the actions of Representative Steve Harshman for his use of vulgarity against another House colleague and for his blatant disrespect for the people’s house,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the Wyoming Republican Party believes Representative Harshman does not deserve the privileged responsibility of holding the Chairmanship position of the Revenue Committee and believes he should resign the position or be removed by House leadership from said position.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Wyoming Republican Party calls on Speaker Eric Barlow and President Dan Dockstader to take action against Representative Harshman at least equivalent to the action they took against a Park County Precinct Committeeman.


Wyoming Republican Party, 21 Nov 13 SCC


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