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Apportionment Resolution of 2021

Whereas, The Republican Party of the State of Wyoming is disturbed by the ongoing usurpation by the Federal Government of rights and privileges that rightfully belong to this State under the Constitution of the United States of America.  

Whereas, The US Constitution guarantees this State a republican form of government under Article 4 Section 4 of that document. The 10th Amendment of the US Constitution gives to the States all the powers of  Government that are not given to the Federal government and not denied by it to the States. There is no power given to the Federal Government or its executive, legislative or judicial branches under the Constitution to in any way dictate the apportionment or

make up of State Legislatures.

Whereas, We, the Republican Party of Wyoming, believe that  the citizens of the State of Wyoming should  apportion our Legislature following the model of representation in the Federal system in the Congress of the United States of America. We therefore, asserting our powers under the US Constitution under Article 4 Section 4 and the 10th Amendment, are urging the Legislature of the State of Wyoming to propose to the people of Wyoming a state constitutional

amendment substantially as follows:

Whereas, The Senate of the Legislature of the State of Wyoming shall consist only of two Senators from each County of this State; and

Whereas, The House of Representatives of the Legislature of the State of Wyoming shall consist of at least 70 members or as many more as may be established by statute and shall be adjudicated County by County on the basis that the number of citizens in each county bears to population of

the whole State of Wyoming, provided that no member may represent the citizens of more than one county and further that each county shall have at least one  representative in the House of  Representatives of the Legislature; and

Now Therefore Be it Resolved that the Wyoming Republican Party strongly urges the Legislature of the State of Wyoming to assert their Duties as the guardians of the rights of the citizens of this great state and appoint a special committee to draft and work to pass a new law that will return the apportionment of the Legislature County by County as required by the current Constitution of the State of Wyoming, Article 3 Section 3.


Wyoming Republican Party, 21 May 15


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