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Against Tax Increases

WHEREAS, the State of Wyoming and its people have long valued liberty, self-

reliance and conservative values, and

WHEREAS, the Wyoming Republican Party from its inception has stood for those

values, and

WHEREAS, the Wyoming Republican Party Platform states: "Liberty is indivisible from economic freedom. The free market economy is the economic system most compatible with the requirements of personal freedom and constitutional government.

WHEREAS, Government's undue interference in the market, as well as the fiscal

irresponsibility of government, results in economic inequity. There exists no

fundamental right to the fruits of another person's labor"; and

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Wyoming Republican Party demands that the State

Legislature, the Governor and his Administration, in the practice of fiscal restraint and to discourage unnecessary spending, shall cut any and all budget items rather than seek to increase revenue streams through increased taxation.


Wyoming Republican Party, 22 May 7 State Convention


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