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January 31, 2019

This morning HB230 was assigned to the Revenue Committee. HB 230 would impose SOGI legislation on employers in Wyoming, elevating the LGBTQ community to a special class.

The nearly 500 members who were elected locally to serve at the 2018 State GOP Convention voted unanimously to adopt resolutions #9 and #10 prohibiting this kind of special treatment.

The Wyoming Republican Party urges the members of the House Revenue Committee to stop this legislation from being voted out of committee for multiple reasons including:

Equal protection is granted to all Wyomingites and American citizens. No group of persons should be elevated to a position of special rights or privileges. This legislation has the potential to be enforced arbitrarily and could be used to materially harm good, law abiding citizens and business owners.

Business owners in Wyoming should have the ability to employ the best candidate to fill their open position and should not have to hire someone with fewer qualifications or unsuited for the job out of fear of litigation.

We urge these members of the House Revenue Committee to vote “no” on HB 230 during their meeting THIS FRIDAY:

Dan Zwonitzer (307) 214-7826

Jim Blackburn (307) 275-2647

Cathy Connolly (307) 399-0482

JoAnn Dayton (307) 389-1296

Tim Hallinan (307) 686-6542

Dan Laursen (307) 271-0241

Jim Roscoe (307) 730-5389

Pat Sweeney (307) 234-6122

Cyrus Western (307) 202-9497

Wyoming is a state of equal rights, not special rights. Reach out to the afore listed Representatives and ask them to please vote “no” on HB 230. EDITOR'S NOTE: Initially this bill was assigned to the Minerals Committee. It has since changed and the current information is up-to-date. #WYGOP #SOGI #EqualRightsNotSpecialRights

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