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Abolish State Department of Education

WHEREAS, we the people have the primary duty to educate our children and we

have delegated certain, limited power to the government to help us in our duty; and

WHEREAS, the state in not spending their money on education. We the people are spending our money on education. Government doesn’t produce wealth, people do, and

WHEREAS, the children enrolled in public education are not children of the state,

they are children of parents, and

WHEREAS, education need not be accountable to the state. Education needs to be accountable to the parents whose authority, money and children are the substance of educational system in existence today.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Wyoming Republican Party supports the

setting of standards, assessments and curriculum at the district level, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Wyoming Republican Party supports the

abolishment of the U.S. Department of Education.


Wyoming Republican Party, 22 May 7 State Convention


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