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JUNE 16, 2017

Barely a month has gone by since I was elected chairman of the Wyoming Republican Party – and there’s already something we should discuss.

You may have seen the news about Jackson mayor, Pete Muldoon, pledging to adopt the Paris Climate Treaty (however he intends to do that).  Then, he removed the portrait of our President from Jackson’s city hall.

Muldoon’s actions are typical of the opposing party – and an assault to our patriotism.

Wyoming State Representative Tyler Lindholm, an up-and-coming Republican from Sundance, filmed an entertaining response to Jackson’s mayor – and it went viral. 

Tyler mentioned that he lives in the most conservative area of our state, but no one took down President Obama’s portrait.  He also challenged the mayor not to be a hypocrite and if he doesn’t value Wyoming’s natural resources then he shouldn’t take federal or state monies that we receive because of our natural resources.

"We've built a lot of schools in Wyoming with federal coal lease money.  In fact, we’re building a school right now in Jackson with that federal coal lease money.

"If you're going to take this stance, Mr. Mayor," Lindholm said. "Do not accept funds from the state of Wyoming in the next budget session because they have been tainted by coal.  Stand your ground, stick to your principles. This is a moral conviction stance you have taken for the people of Jackson."

Tyler’s message was picked up by the Washington Post, FOX News, Washington Times, and The Blaze (along with many other news organizations). As of today, it’s been viewed over 150,000 times on Facebook. 

The news in Jackson, coupled with Tyler’s common-sense response, proves the importance of having a strong Republican Party. 

                … a Party that values patriotism.

                … a Party that stewards our natural resources, and uses our bounty for the improvement of our state.

                … a Party that respects ideas and refuses to engage in petty politics.

This is another wake up call – not only for the Wyoming Republican Party – but for conservative-minded folks across our great nation.  Please send $35, $75, $100, or whatever you can to help me keep our party strong and recruit new leaders throughout our ranks.  You have my assurance that we will use your contribution to fight hard for our shared values – our Wyoming values.

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