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May 18, 2016

Wyoming Republican Party Chairman Matt Micheli and State Superintendent Jillian Balow released the following joint statement today regarding guidance from the U.S. Departments of Education and Justice on the civil rights of transgender students.

Said Superintendent Balow,

From wolves and sage grouse, to oil fields and coal mines, and now to our schools-President Obama has taken every opportunity to attack our Wyoming way of life. As your State Superintendent I have full faith and confidence in how Wyoming school leaders are addressing this issue and ask the bureaucrats in D.C. to let us handle our own bathrooms.

Chairman Micheli added,

You need look no further than this federal decree for evidence that President Obama and his hand-picked successor Hillary Clinton need to be separated from the White House. From promising to destroy Wyoming’s economy to forced social experimentation with our children, this level of federal power and intrusion must be rolled back and State’s rights reaffirmed.

Superintendent Balow and Chairman Micheli both believe that Wyoming educators, entrusted daily with the safety of all children in our schools, are best positioned to handle the unique situations that arise in the school setting.

This is fundamentally an issue for education practitioners and parents at the local level.

Wyoming must continue to stand up against the constant federal overreach of the Obama Administration.

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