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WYGOP Public Statement

WYGOP Public Statement

October 1, 2021

In our long history of working for the people and with the legislature, the Wyoming GOP has always advocated for treating others with respect, even when disagreeing with them. Therefore, the party does not, and will not, condone personal attacks and obscene language, whether aimed at—or by—elected officials.

Recently, there has been concern expressed regarding a Park County Central Committee member’s letter to a legislator. The appropriate body to address this issue is the Park County Central Committee. The current administration of the Wyoming Republican Party is committed to the grassroots governing from the bottom up, not being dictated to from the top down. The Park County Republican Central officers have begun to address the recent action of a Precinct Committeeman in his communications with a state legislator. Park County’s officers made a public statement disavowing the inappropriate obscene comments. However, the Park County Republican Party officers also rightly decided to not assume the authority of the County Central Committee and to leave the issue before the Committee for discussion and action at its next monthly meeting.

The Wyoming Republican Party agrees that his comments were vile. They were not sanctioned by either the County Central Committee or the State Republican Party. Such communications is neither appropriate or effective.

Despite calls by the liberal media and others to dictate from the top down in a heavy-handed fashion, the party will not engage in “cancel culture” tactics, nor will we participate in destroying people for poor decisions, judgment, and behavior.

The authority to recall an elected representative in government does not currently exist in Wyoming as it does in other states. We urge the Wyoming Legislature to hear the voice of the grassroots and work on legislation to recall ANY elected officials when those whom they represent decided it is necessary. However, The Wyoming Republican Party cautions that, in doing so, the Legislature must be mindful of First Amendment constitutional protections.

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Whatever, the party is against "dictating from the top down" only when it comes to holding your own accountable for wholly reprehensible behavior that you quietly support. Actual bad behavior in the party is always someone else's responsibility to solve or speak out against, but otherwise it's "ride for the brand or else!" from the state leadership.

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