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January 28, 2019

The Wyoming Legislature's website has provided a "Summary of Bills" that are currently before committees. In order to help you to remain informed we will be publishing a list of those summaries for one committee each day.


SF0038 19LSO-0231 Limitation on length of probation. This bill would limit probation terms for felonies and deferred prosecution of felonies to 42 months. This bill would apply to persons sentenced or placed on probation in lieu of prosecution on or after July 1, 2019.

HB0053 19LSO-0230 Probation and parole-incentives and sanctions. This bill would require the Department of Corrections to establish an administrative incentives and sanctions system for those on probation, parole, and conditional release. The bill would make available authorized sanctions for compliance violations of probation, parole, and conditional release, including loss of privileges, community service, placement in intensive supervised probation, and custodial sanctions that include "quick-dips" in jail, prison or residential community correction programs for up to 90 days. The bill would provide procedures for the Department to impose sanctions, require the use of a validated risk-and-need assessment, and clarify placement in an intensive supervision program and the award of credit toward original sentences.

SF0010 19LSO-0217 Modification of probation. This bill would clarify that probation may be supervised or unsupervised. The bill would provide factors a court may consider when determining the period of probation or a modification of an existing probation. The factors include the defendant's employment, community and familial support, the defendant's meeting family responsibilities and progress in addressing any alcohol or substance-abuse issues, the nature of the underlying crime, the risk of reoffending, and the risk posed by the defendant to the community.

HB0045 19LSO-0221 Crime victim compensation eligibility clarification. This bill would clarify the maximum individual award of compensation paid to victims or dependents under the crime victims compensation program and would expand the time frame for mental health counseling and care to twenty-four (24) months after the date of injury or discovery of a crime.

HB0044 19LSO-0107 Expungement of juvenile court records. This bill would allow for any person convicted of a delinquent act, other than a violent felony as defined by W.S. 6-1-104(a)(xii), to petition a court for expungement of his record in the juvenile court upon reaching the age of majority. The bill also provides requirements for what records can be expunged.

HB0013 19LSO-0022 Jury procedure amendments. This bill would amend provisions related to the compilation of jury lists, juror qualifications, exemptions, excusals and compensation. This bill also repeals a provision related to completing a jury panel.

SF0008 19LSO-0021 Court procedure amendments. This bill would amend terms of court, provisions in the probate code relating to records required to be kept, reports made by court commissioners, and drainage district laws for district courts. The bill also repeals provisions regarding failure to open court, the opening day of a term of court, legal holidays, and simultaneous terms in the same district.

HB0004 19LSO-0024 Recordation of judgments and orders. This bill would amend record keeping requirements for recording judgments, real property orders, child support orders, adoption proceedings, and probate cases for clerks of district courts.

SF0007 19LSO-0087 Alternate penalties & pretrial release for alcohol crimes. This bill makes a number of revisions to the 24/7 sobriety program by increasing access to the program, creating a restricted driver’s license for participants, removing a restriction on state funding, and providing for additional driving privilege sanctions for driving under the influence and penalties for violations. The bill clarifies credit for use of an ignition interlock device and amends provisions relating to a person prohibited from using an ignition interlock device. This bill also repeals the programs's sunset date.

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