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A bill for an act relating to miscellaneous offenses; prohibiting discrimination based on COVID-19 vaccination status as specified; prohibiting discrimination based on COVID-19 vaccination status in health insurance as specified; prohibiting a requirement of COVID-19 vaccinations in order to receive or access benefits, services or educational opportunities as specified; providing a criminal penalty; authorizing civil remedies; providing definitions; making conforming amendments; and providing for an effective date.

Read the bill in it's entirety here:

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SF1003 failed third reading in the Senate

Ayes: Biteman, Bouchard, Cooper, Dockstader, Driskill, French, Hicks, Hutchings, James, McKeown, Salazar, Schuler, Steinmetz

Nays: Anderson, Baldwin, Boner, Case, Ellis, Furphy, Gierau, Kinskey, Kolb, Landen, Nethercott, Perkins, Rothfuss, Scott, Wasserburger

Escused: Pappas

Absent: 0

Conflict: Kost

Total: Ayes: 13, Nays: 15 Excused:1 Absent: 0 Conflict:1

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