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Request for Secretary Ed Buchanan

ltr to Buchanan_svc thru Nov _ 09.02.2022
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September 2, 2022


Dear Secretary Buchanan,

Congratulations on your judicial appointment. We thank you for your years of service and wish you all the best in this new role.

We recently read in the news that you intend to resign before the November general election. After giving this matter some thought for a few days, we are writing to respectfully ask you to remain in office until after the general election process is completed.

In our view, elections are one of the most important functions performed by the Wyoming Secretary of State. Most incoming Secretaries of State have almost two years to prepare for their first general election. However, if you resign in mid-September when there is an election 6 weeks later, it may be setting your appointed successor up to fail. We know that this is not your desire or intent. However, the people of Wyoming placed their trust in you to perform one of the most important jobs in a representational government and we ask that you see the State through the election process.

The team you have created is your own and you have built it over many years. Any successor appointed would not take office until 4 weeks before election day and does not know your team members and has never worked with any of them. It is difficult to imagine who would want to assume the role on such short notice.

Further, when Governor Gordon chose you for this judicial role, he knew you held one of the most important jobs in the State. That is often the case with filling any position -- the best candidates have a job they must wrap up before they can move on to a new position. Gov. Gordon knew this when he selected you and the courts will manage if you need to remain in your current role until general election canvassing is complete.

Under the circumstances, on behalf of the Wyoming Republican voters who elected you, we feel compelled to respectfully ask you to remain in office until the general election process is complete and assure a smooth transition for your successor. Given the importance and urgency of this request, we will be posting this letter on our website in an effort to keep Wyoming voters informed.

Again, thank you Ed, for your years of service and thank you for your consideration of this important matter.

W. Frank Eathorne, Chairman

Wyoming Republican Party

Nina Webber, National Committeewoman Corey Steinmetz National Committeeman

Wyoming Republican Party Wyoming Republican Party

Cc: David Holland

Donna Rice

Brian Shuck

Kathy Russell

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Dec 09, 2022

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