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December 14, 2018

CHEYENNE, WY - Chairman Frank Eathorne was honored to again receive an invitation to the White House Christmas Party. On Tuesday, December 11th the Chairman spent the afternoon taking in the beautifully adorned White House Christmas decorations while visiting with Republicans from across the nation who were also invited to the event. Donald Trump and the First Lady took time to address the party attendees.

About the event Eathorne said, “It was an honor to be back in the land of our founding Fathers and the White House, and personally hear from our great President and first lady.”

Later that evening he attended Vice President Mike Pence’s Christmas party at the Vice-President’s residence. Eathorne commented that the Pences were as gracious of hosts as he could have imagined and that he thoroughly enjoyed his time in D.C.

The chairman returned home to Wyoming on Wednesday.

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Barb Ross
Barb Ross
15 ene 2021

I am very disappointed in Cheney's vote to impeach President Trump, she should be replaced. She voted her own personal opinion, not the opinion of her Republican Party, or the wishes of the people of the Republican Party.

Me gusta
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