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Press Release - November State Central Committee Meeting

November 16, 2020


The State Central Committee of the Wyoming Republican Party met in Newcastle November 13th and 14th. The primary purpose of the quarterly meeting was to hold a post-election analysis, and identify the WYGOP’s #1 Priority - DEFEND THE ELECTION.

Friday’s schedule remained standard, with a Budget and Audit Committee meeting followed by an Executive Committee meeting. The evening event was an excellent dinner of prime rib, with members of the Executive Officers sharing their vision of the future of the Party and service to the State.

On Saturday the acting chairman read correspondence from Senator Enzi and Chairman Eathorne.

Both a national and state election analysis and summary were presented. Successes were celebrated, with discussion focused on the nation-wide ‘Red-Sweep’ in many congressional races. It is believed this occurred in large part due to the Democrat party’s embrace of a socialist agenda, including defunding the police, the Green New Deal and other radical concepts. Tabulations for the election for President of the United States, and several congressional offices, are not completed due to continuing questions regarding the integrity of the process, balloting, and ballot tabulating. In short, these races are not over. Please see social media posts and weekly emails sent by WYGOP, and visit for more information.

Finally, we were informed that 80% of the candidates who received funding from the State GOP were successful.

The body passed several Resolutions, including one calling on Governor Gordon to end the State of Emergency for the coronavirus, as well as one calling on our Federal Delegation and Governor to stand publicly in support of President Trump. There was also discussion of the election and voting fraud perpetrated against President Trump and the need for Voter ID laws to end such voter fraud in future elections.

Committee reports included one presented by Marti Halverson, Co-Chairman of the Poll Watching Committee, who provided the after-action analysis of combined RNC/WY GOP efforts to lawfully observe In person balloting, absentee ballot processing, and voting machine tabulation testing.


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