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July 1, 2019

Casper, WY - In a special meeting held Saturday, June 29, elected members of the Wyoming Republican Central Committee selected Corey Steinmetz to serve as the National Committeeman.

 The national committeeman represents Wyoming Republicans at the national level alongside the State Chairman and the National Committeewoman, and is an automatic delegate to the Republican National Convention. The National Committeeman position became available when previous National Committeeman, Richard George, moved to a different state for his career. Steinmetz, husband of Senator Cheri Steinmetz, has been active in the Wyoming GOP for a number of years in a variety of capacities. Steinmetz was selected at a pivotal time considering the upcoming election year. “Corey Steinmetz is a multiple term county chairman and has been an active leader in the Wyoming Republican Party for years.” Wyoming Republican Party Chairman Frank Eathorne stated, “He was elected due to the members’ beliefs in his devotion to the timeless principles of the Republican Party. I join National Committeewoman Marti Halverson in welcoming Corey to the team.”

Other committees that conducted business Saturday included the Committee to Win 2020 and the Governance Review and Feedback Committee. Congressman Liz Cheney provided a status update on current affairs including recent action led by Nancy Pelosi and freshman representatives in the House. The National Republican Party’s Joe Cueto conducted a workshop on growing the party on the county level.

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