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February 22, 2019

Flash Update – current 12:00 pm Friday 22 Feb 2019 Wyoming legislature

Senate actions:

HB106 Party Affiliation Changes was voted down by the Senate Committee of the Whole today. The bill could be brought back by one of the "no" voters in the Senate, such an action would face stiff opposition to reintroduction and to the goal of ending crossover voting in the party nomination process on a primary election ballot. The bill digest provides details on votes and actions as the bill moved through both chambers.

HB103 Reporting of Abortions passed out of the Senate Committee of the Whole today.  At this point the bill has been approved by both chambers.  An amendment was brought this morning but was defeated. The bill passed 2nd reading on the floor.

HB066 Lodging Tax passed 2nd reading this morning. It has not been amended since yesterday. If passed into law, it imposes a statewide tax on lodging services, including those provided by outfitters and guides, at county/state fair grounds and at state parks/cultural centers, including campsites. Revenues will go into a newly created account strictly for Wyoming tourism. Appropriations to counties from this fund will be proportional to the monies collected in that county.

House actions:

None to report this morning. Wyoming Republican Party

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