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February 25, 2019

Legislative update – current 5:12 pm Monday, Feb 25

HB066 Lodging tax FAILED today in third reading. This bill would have imposed a 5% sales tax STATEWIDE on lodging services.  Please take a moment and thank the legislators who opposed this tax. 

HB103 Reporting of Abortions was read for the third time and PASSED today. This is a win for the pro-life movement. Consider writing or calling and thanking those legislators that supported life.  Now is an opportune time to contact the Governor and encourage him to sign this bill.

SF0144- Medicaid and SNAP Eligibility Requirements. PASSED second reading. Third reading is expected to be a close vote and takes place TOMORROW. For THESE REASONS the Wyoming Republican Party supports this legislation.

SF0049 County Zoning Authority - Private Schools PASSED the Senate today. Please thank those who supported this bill. We encourage the Governor to do the same. 

Although we are still closely watching the potential action on HB220 National Retail Fairness Act, we would like to take a moment to thank each of you who have been diligent to remain active in communicating the priorities of the Wyoming Republican Party to your legislators. Please take this time to thank your delegation for advancing Republican ideals.

When Republican values win, Wyoming wins and today was very encouraging on that front.

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