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February 1, 2019

SF0128 - Unborn victims of violence act GOP SUPPORTS - Sent to Senate Committee of the Whole

SF0160 - Change in political party affiliation GOP SUPPORTS - Passed Senate Committee of the Whole. Now sent to House. HB0140 - Abortion-48 hour waiting period. GOP SUPPORTS - Passed House Committee of the Whole. Now sent to Senate. HB0220 - National Retail Fairness Act. GOP OPPOSES - Assigned to the Senate Appropriations Committee and has not yet appeared on a reading list. HB0230 - Enhancing quality employment law. GOP OPPOSES - Passed out of House Revenue Committee this morning. Now on to Committee of the Whole. HB0244 - Medicaid-work requirements and expansion. GOP OPPOSES - Assigned to House Appropriations Committee. HB0289 - Codification of marital rights. GOP OPPOSES - In the House of Representatives for introduction.

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WE believe there are Timeless Truths that will always inform and direct our party and our country regardless of current events and circumstances, changing strategies, goals, and leadership. These Trut

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